IT consulting

We provide answers to critical questions from the intersection of IT and business.

We will advise you on which technology to choose to achieve your goals. We will check what is your risk and how to minimize it. You can consult your market plans with us and find the best ways to implement them.

We are rooted in technology industry but business consultancy is our strong point. Cooperating with us is based on an agile model, with full involvement of our domain experts. Our consultants and analysts provide a fresh perspective based on their solid experience: they participated in transformation projects of IT and e-commerce units. They also participated in the implementation of corporate architecture management processes and solutions architecture.

E-commerce solutions

We will help you develop your e-business. We will advise you on how to actively communicate with your client. We will help you create your own e-commerce, information, intranet, service or self-service portal.

We cooperate on each level: specification of requirements, navigation design and information architecture. We advise on the platform choice. We implement projects based on OpenSource solutions (Liferay Portal) and commercial engines (Oracle ATG, Hybris).

We offer services in the field of User Experience - research, audits, design. We use Google Analytics, Comscore, Gemius, Tealeaf and our own advanced solutions. Our analysts are always available to our Client's teams in the scope of developing processes and publishing content..

Web analytics

We know how to look at your website through your customers’ eyes. Using dedicated tools, we will check what is most difficult for your website users. We will improve the operation of online communication channels with your clients by making them more intuitive and barrier free. We will improve the effectiveness of your website using tools such as IBM Tealeaf, Google Analytics, IBM Coremetrics and Comscore, and finally your own products from the Abee Cloud family. We will combine the operation of these tools with the experience of our analysts and UX experts.

Mobile solutions

We know from our experience how important mobile solutions are in terms of sales and communication. Thanks to our applications, you will always be close to your client. We will advise you on how you can manage your employees' work or how to better distribute their tasks. We design and deliver solutions that are always close to the customers - in their smartphones. We operate on both iOS and Android platforms. Optimized interaction with the user is a key parameter for us.

Integration of SOA systems

We support fast growing organizations at a time when data integrity and a consistent image of the client becomes crucial in many systems. We follow a service-based approach (SOA) when preparing systems integration such as CRM, billing, ERP, and e-commerce. We are particularly focused on ensuring a high re-use rate of emerging services so that integration platform will contribute to optimization rather than increasing IT maintenance costs.

In the analysis phase, we're working on a canonical model, helping to unify business views of data within the systems. In less critical cases, we implement solutions based on the open MuleSoft platform. For clients who require maximum performance and bandwidth of the platform, we provide integration based on IBM Integration Platform tools.

Business Intelligence and BigData

We will tell you what to do with the huge amount of customer data. We will advise you on how to use this knowledge to make your best market decisions. Information in the company is one of the most valuable resources. Therefore, our business models are constructed around the SAS Business Analytics data warehouse. We prepare the feed at the ETL layer from the source systems, supporting SAS Data Integration Platform. For large quantities of unstructured data, we offer proven BigData solutions on the Hadoop platform.

Design analytics

Time devoted to the proper analysis of the main topic is reflected in further stages of design work. Therefore, the conceptual phase of projects is of special importance to us. The result of our Think. Make. Go! philosophy are well thought solutions that are in line with our client's expectations.

We offer the following analytical services:

  • identification of requirements
  • specification of requirements
  • mapping requirements for business processes
  • support in preparation of inquiries and substantive evaluation of offers

We also analyze user behavior patterns in the Internet channels. We check what kind of barriers users encounter and suggest necessary changes in functional layers and UX.


We will help you automate the helpdesk in your company. We will advise you on how to provide your clients with uninterrupted 24-hour access to invoices and other information about the services they use. SelfCare lets users access and manage the information they are interested in, including:

  • general view of information about the account (dashboard)
  • browsing individual contracts and financial data
  • data exchange based on predefined forms
  • invoices preview and their download availability
  • online payments
  • transaction history preview. Our solution is available in two models: customer installations and SaaS.

Quality assurance

Do you need support of professional testers? We care about the quality of our solutions but also help our clients with their projects. Our Quality Assurance team has tested e-commerce platforms, internet portals, service systems, city-driving vehicles tied into the drivers' community, etc. There are several dozens of test devices in our database. We help clients in areas such as:

  • system tests and UAT tests
  • integration tests
  • performance tests
  • field tests

By implementing tests for the client, we follow the principle to do it in a clever and agile way. Each time we thoroughly analyze the issue of which the quality needs to be verified. What counts for us is the final quality of the product, not the number of test cases.



GRM (Geo Resource Manager) is the Execon's own solution. It supports the management of employee tasks in the company, especially those with mobile resources. With the help of GRM, we tie together the objects (devices, places), tasks and resources (people or devices). Thanks to the generic model of the system, we implement scenarios that meet our client's needs.

Main features of GRM:

  • Task management (assignment and task control)
  • Geolocation
  • User roles (assigning roles to users: supervisor, employee, client)
  • Hierarchy of objects (structuring helps to group and locate objects on the map)
  • Support for various industries (effective support in any type of business where it is necessary to link objects, tasks and resources).

The application supporting the system will allow you to, for example, track the company's mobile resources on the map and assign new tasks to them. This solution is ideal for courier, transport and field service companies.


IBM Tealeaf

IBM® Tealeaf® CX is an industry-leading, flexible and comprehensive platform for collecting and analyzing data about user interactions with web applications. At the same time it is the main "engine" behind all IBM Tealeaf products. Thanks to this tool we can check the way your applications are used. We will show you how useful they are for your clients.

Using IBM® Tealeaf® CX:

  • in real time, we will analyze all interactions of website users, web and mobile applications
  • we can provide information for the entire organization - from marketing and e -business, through customer service to the legal department
  • we effectively manage data and configure data archiving rules
  • we will conduct a multidimensional analysis of event information in the application
  • we take care of data protection and privacy.

Tealeaf CX is a platform for the following solutions from the IBM Tealeaf family:

  • IBM® Tealeaf® cxImpact provides insight into the details of customer interactions with web applications, revealing areas that adversely affect business operations; helps in detecting, assessing the importance and solving problems, and eliminating potential causes of customer dissatisfaction.
  • IBM ® Tealeaf® cxView allows you to define a set of key performance measures (KPIs) and related reports that provide an early warning system about significant changes in customer interaction metrics and customer disruption indicators. In that way it supports proactive management and undertaking corrective actions that minimize the negative impact on business operations.
  • IBM ® Tealeaf ® cxOverstat is a solution designed to improve the usability of websites and web applications. It provides intuitive visual analytical tools, such as heat maps, effectiveness summaries of links and form analysis - with accuracy to each field.
  • IBM ® Tealeaf® cxReveal provides records and history of customer activities on the website for teams responsible for customer service (call-centers, resellers, chat operators, etc.), providing them with full knowledge and insights into the causes of problems already at the moment of client's contact with service.
  • IBM ® Tealeaf® cxConnect is a set of integration tools that allow conducting multi-channel analysis of customer behavior by combining IBM Tealeaf with external data analysis systems (business intelligence), web-analytics tools and services collecting and analyzing opinions and customer evaluations.

A/B tests

We probably run the most complex A/B tests in Poland. We create complete alternative online sales paths - from product presentation, through shopping cart, personal data and delivery, to the order’s thank you page..

Thanks to our Abee TST solution, we can test different versions of your website in an easy and quick way. We will show you which solutions are best for your business goals. The advantages of Abee TST are: operating in the cloud and its ease of content substitution on the websites. This tool provides data about the conversion and effectiveness of a given test scenario.

Other Abee features:

  • easy test configuration
  • re-usage of once configured test due to CMS separation
  • unlimited possibilities of editing the edited content
  • the ability to exchange both a single element of the website and the entire page
  • support for dynamic page elements
  • real-time monitoring

The tool is quick to implement and intuitive to use. It does not require engaging your IT - just plug in to the script provided by us. We offer a flexible calculation model. Abee TST users receive from us full business support in the field of testing recommendations, configuration of implementations, reporting and results analytics, together with change proposals to the website based on the carried out tests.


UX design

We will take care of your client’s positive experience when using your website. The website needs to be functional, but at the same time has to give pleasure to the user in order to ensure he comes back. Our activities in the field of UX are based on five steps:

  • Research with users - each project starts with defining the needs of consumers; we conduct focus studies, in-depth interviews, eyetracker tests;
  • Web analysis using professional tools, e.g. IBM Tealeaf;
  • Expert audits - we identify those areas that may adversely affect functionality and conversion;
  • Designing - by gathering hard data about user behavior, our web and mobile solutions are realistically tailored to their expectations;
  • Usability tests - we check project concepts and assumptions before implementation using tests with users and A/B tests on our Abee TST platform.