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About us.

We are a reputable Polish technology and engineering company offering comprehensive IT services both domestically and internationally. With a decade of successful project implementations, we have consistently empowered our clients to reach their business objectives.

At our core, we deeply comprehend the requirements of our esteemed clientele. Our approach to collaboration is characterized by a high level of professionalism and thoroughness. Our foremost commitment is to bolster and optimize business processes for enterprises by meticulously identifying and implementing the most efficient and cutting-edge solutions and technologies.

The Execon way of engineering


Think. Above all it means understanding the needs of our clients. At this stage of cooperation, we put emphasis on proposing the best solutions to achieve the goals in the most effective way.

A detailed analysis and a well-developed concept are fundamental during the Make phase, where our focus lies on implementation.

Go! is the stage where we implement the developed solutions and ensure an appropriate level of support. This approach enables us to deliver the highest quality solutions that meet even the most complex expectations.

What makes us different?

Execon brings value for it's customers

Deliver value

Our primary focus is to bring value and solve our clients’ problems, and the financial outcome will naturally follow the value we provide to our clients.

Team work

We will support each other – people are at the heart of Execon.
Our company fosters a family-like atmosphere where employees can rely on one another. New team members quickly assimilate into our organizational culture.


Top notch technology

The basis of our activity are technologies that we also create. Therefore, Execon is a great place for professional development. Every day we face challenges that we try to face together.


Work ethos

We believe in the work ethos. Quality, reliability, and client satisfaction stem from our hard work and consistency. We aim to work with people who share a similar mindset.

We are constantly evolving, thanks to the challenges posed by our customers.

Completed projcets
Stable annual growth

Visit our office

You are welcome! Let’s have a chat over a cup of great coffee together ☕


Execon’s Warsaw HQ

ul. Opatowska 2 
01-696 Warszawa


Execon’s Białystok Office

ul. Sienkiewicza 1/1
15-092 Białystok

Meet our team of leaders.

Artur Lempkowski

CEO & Co-Founder

Maciej Grula

CTO & Co-Founder

Robert Kożuchowski

Banking & Insurance LoB Director

Tomasz Muchajer

Telco & Media LoB Director

Piotr Moczydłowski

Utilities & Retail LoB Director

Paulina Zamojska

Data Monetization Line of Business Director