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Technologies in which we work:




Microsoft Azure


Transparent recruitment process

Benefits of working at Execon

Execon offers many benefits for employees that help maintain good health and a balance between personal and professional life.

Cafeteria MyBenefit

It is a platform that offers employees a variety of non-wage benefits, which are additional benefits resulting from employment beyond the standard salary.

Medical Care Medicover

A private network offering medical services worldwide, including in Poland. Their services include medical consultations, diagnostic tests, rehabilitation, dietary counseling, and dental services.

Flexible working hours

Our employees have greater flexibility in determining their work schedule than in a traditional 8-hour workday system. The ability to adjust working hours to their lifestyle ensures a better balance between personal life and work.

Referral and bonus programs PAS

Referral and bonus programs 
Employee referrals are a program where an employee receives a bonus for referring a person who successfully goes through the recruitment process. Additionally, our Project Assessment System (PAS) rewards for good performance and meeting conditions on projects.

Birthday gifts

On this special day, each celebrant receives an unexpected gift related to a changing theme each year.

Company events and team-building activities

We know how important it is to integrate with the team, so we always prioritize building good relationships.

Currently, we are looking for:

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