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The highest tips cashless

Don’t waste a tip when there’s no cash

Safe transactions

Funds immediately on your PayTip account

Who is PayTip for?


Are you a waiter, hairdresser or other employee of the service industry and the lack of cash at your customers is bothering you more and more? Register with PayTip and free yourself from cash! Collect tips, manage them and transfer them to your account whenever you want. And if you are under 26, your transactions are completely tax-free!


Are you in a restaurant and you were delighted with the food served? Or do you want to tip the man at the gas station who just filled up your car? A street musician played a tune that touched your heart? And you don’t have cash on you? From now on, it doesn’t matter. You can tip anyone at any time

Test the PayTip

Scan the QR code, follow the instructions and give or take your first tip!

Why is it worth using PayTip?

PayTip is a revolutionary PWA service that allows you to give and receive tips anywhere and anytime, completely cashless! Tip takers have full control over the funds they receive. They always know how much money goes to their account and most importantly, tips are always immediately and directly to the user’s account. In addition, all transactions are anonymous, which increases the comfort of both parties to the transaction.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Fast cashless transactions
  • Free access to funds
  • Full tip control
  • Safe transactions


We know how important transaction security is to you. Therefore, we took care of security at every stage of the PayTip transaction with the utmost care. In addition, we are under constant control of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, which verifies financial flows through the PayTip app.

Entity supervised by

Entry in the KNF register number: MIP47/2019

  • Piotr

    “Problem z brakiem gotówki wśród klientów naszej restauracji był coraz bardziej dotkliwy..”

  • Janek
    dostawca jedzenia

    “Nie wiedziałem, że można tak po prostu pozostawić wizytówkę z kodem QR i napiwek sam wpada! :)”

  • Anna
    Stylistka paznokci

    “Odkąd jest PayTip nasze klientki zaczęły zostawiać napiwki.”

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