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Gain Productivity Through Efficiency

Switching from manual to automated processes allows for error minimization. That way, no time and money need to be spent on fixing issues and handling complaints. Resources are optimally utilized, and wastage is eliminated.

For small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the impact is even greater because they have less room for error.

Operational Benefits

Implementing business process automation brings about a host of operational benefits. To begin with, automated processes are largely hands-off, which means you don’t need to personally ensure that one task in the process is progressing to the next

Process Efficiency

Additionally, process automation also enables identifying and correcting errors and bottlenecks in workflows. This contributes to higher process efficiency overall

Enhanced Accuracy

Automation can reduce errors and mistakes, resulting in more consistent and accurate results.

Improved Productivity

By reducing the time and effort required to complete tasks, process automation can help businesses increase productivity and output, leading to better business outcomes.

Increased Agility

By automating processes, businesses can respond more quickly to changes in market conditions or customer needs, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition.

Cost Savings

By reducing the time and effort required to complete tasks, process automation can help businesses save money on labor costs and other expenses.

Invest More
By Reducing Costs

Business automation helps your business reduce costs and increase profitability, especially among teams that carry out their responsibilities using manual paper processes.

43% of executives expecting to increase spending on process automation

When business processes are executed manually, a significant amount of resources are wasted and there is a higher chance of inefficiencies

Lower Cost of Errors

Switching from manual to automated processes allows for error minimization. That way, no time and money need to be spent on fixing issues.

Save up to 90%

Generali, leading insurance company, shifted from paper-based processes that were costing them time and money to automated business processes. This reduced the time to underwrite complex tasks by half and savings of up to 90% through reusable processes.

Extendable Solutioin

With Augmented Process Automation not only do your employees work faster but also they have 360 customer view when making process decisions.

Execon’s  Augmented Process Automation works well with major CRM and BI platforms for full automatization of processing. It’s pluggable architecture is compatible with modern AI driven decision systems.

Legacy Ready

Execon Augmented Automation thanks to its generic legacy adapter microservices layer supports nearly every domain system, regardless of underlying technology.

Gain insight into customer experience

Process automation in place has positive impact on your customers. It enhances their experience with your business, and the way you serve them.

Being able to respond efficiently to customers’ queries and requests is a mean for standing out of the crowd. Recent surveys also show, that people are keen to pay more in exchange to more compelling customer experience thus this is a chance for optimal pricing.

It improves your company’s reputation among your customers through positive word-of-mouth and stronger online reviews.

What used to take several hours or even days, now only takes minutes.

Gain insight into customer experience

With Execon’s Abee Cloud extension to Augmented Process Automation you can not only capture users’ behaviour but also provide personalized engagement throughout the business process. It helps to constantly check, test, compare and enhance end user experience with the process. Thus you not only can automate but also constantly experiment with user experience.Execon’s Augmented Process Automation helps you to get most of your workforce and partner channels. Thanks to headless nature of the solution, you can simplify partner’s experience by using assisted product recommendations, dynamic pricing. You can also boost their everyday operational performance thanks to lean and compelling interactions and interfaces.

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Our solution is perfect for

Telco & Media

Telco and media companies can use process automation to streamline customer service operations, including call centers, chatbots, and self-service portals. Automation can help reduce response times, improve accuracy, and provide 24/7 support.

Banking & Insurance

Insurance companies can use process automation to automate claims processing, reducing the need for manual input and improving accuracy. This can lead to faster claims processing and improved customer satisfaction.

Banks can use process automation to automate loan processing, including loan origination, underwriting, and documentation. This can help reduce the time-to-decision, improve accuracy, and reduce processing costs.

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