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Team Augmentation

In this model, Execon provides proven specialists tailored to the role. The client does not have to define the scope, schedule or shape of the project and has full control over the software development and project management process.

IT Contracting

IT contracting, also known as IT outsourcing, is a model in which a company hires external contractors to complete specific projects or tasks related to information technology. IT contracting provides companies with a flexible and efficient way to hire specialized talent and scale their teams up or down as needed.

Cost savings, high-quality talent acquisition

The benefits of IT contracting include significant cost savings, high-quality talent acquisition, and time efficiency. By outsourcing IT services, companies can avoid the time-consuming recruitment process, and all the legal and administrative tasks related to hiring and managing employees, such as contracts, payroll, and benefits. IT contracting also allows companies to quickly respond to changes in project requirements, add resources, or adjust team size as needed, which enhances the flexibility and adaptability of the organization.

Cost-effective solution

Moreover, IT contracting can be a cost-effective solution as it allows companies to add resources only when they need them, reducing the costs associated with hiring full-time employees. IT contractors are paid based on the project scope and duration, and there are no overhead costs or long-term commitments associated with hiring permanent employees. Overall, IT contracting is ideal for companies that manage multi-phase and task-based projects that require separate estimations for each task. It is an efficient and flexible way to outsource IT services and acquire specialized talent, regardless of the company size or industry sector.

Full control over the execution of assigned tasks

By using the IT outsourcing model, the client retains full control over the execution of assigned tasks (deciding what and how a person or team works). However, they do not have to deal with recruitment, employment or formalities, such as: searching for experts on the market, contracts, settlements, payrolls or equipment availability. Thus, they save time, but is it only time they save?

Where does IT contracting work?

IT contracting works best for companies that carry out multi-stage projects, divided into tasks and phases, where each task requires a separate estimate. Practice shows that this service is used both by large and small companies. Public institutions are no exception and also use this form of cooperation by entrusting certain tasks to contractors. Execon has been supporting clients from various industries and market sectors for years. Our experiences include, among others:
  • finance and insurance industry
  • medical and pharmaceutical industry
  • public sector
  • IT / Telco industries, including software houses, integrators, and equipment suppliers

When is it worth using IT Contracting services?

Whenever you value time and flexibility! Outsourcing solutions are available practically on demand and provide the possibility of flexible settlement and project management. IT Contracting works perfectly for the implementation of projects divided into individual tasks and phases. Each task is estimated separately, which allows for the addition of new contractors with specific, needed competencies at any given time.

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