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A/B testing utilizing Abee Cloud

28 July, 2023

AB testing and customer behavior analysis on sales websites are essential tools for every entrepreneur looking to enhance the effectiveness of their online business. Through these actions, one can gain insights into customers’ preferences, needs, and motivations behind their purchases. Execon provides these solutions for its partners by using its own tool, Abee Cloud.

AB testing involves comparing different versions of a website to determine which one performs better. By “better performance,” we mean achieving higher sales conversions, higher average cart value, or a greater number of collected leads.

For instance, within the Abee Cloud tool, one can flexibly modify the appearance of an offer page or the layout of a personal data form in the order processing path. Will the new look of a specific subpage positively impact the user? Will it facilitate their decision to place an order? Altered page versions are randomly presented to selected customers, and the results are measured within the Abee Cloud tool, then analyzed for effectiveness.

Through Execon’s AB tests, it’s possible to identify factors influencing the effectiveness of a website and optimize it according to customer needs. For example, a redesign of the cart based on recommendations from our UX designers might result in a significantly higher number of purchases. Thanks to collaboration with the experienced Execon team, entrepreneurs can optimize their websites and boost sales.

An essential area for e-commerce owners is the analysis of customer behavior on sales websites. This provides insights into customer preferences, buying habits, and what motivates them to make purchases. Abee Cloud is an advanced tool that enables a more in-depth understanding of customers. However, the tool itself, even if excellent, doesn’t yield as remarkable results as simultaneous collaboration with a team of experienced analysts, designers and programmers. This is why our partners achieve the best sales outcomes by leveraging the expert support of the Execon team.

By analyzing online customer habits and following Execon’s team recommendations based on data gathered in Abee Cloud, entrepreneurs can better tailor their websites to customer needs and enhance the effectiveness of their marketing endeavors. For instance, if it’s known that a significant portion of customers leave a website when faced with too many required fields, the purchasing process can be optimized by reducing the number of fields or presenting a particular section of the site in a more user-friendly manner.

In summary, AB testing and customer behavior analysis on sales websites are indispensable tools for entrepreneurs striving to effectively conduct online business. This approach allows to understand customer preferences and needs, adapting websites to their expectations, ultimately leading to increased sales and greater profits. We’re more than willing to support your company with our tools and expert knowledge – we invite you to collaborate with us!

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