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05 July, 2023
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Headless Commerce using Broadleaf Commerce

05 July, 2023

Execon Tech Radar Initiative

Following blog entry is a partial report of the Execon Tech Radar Initiative on the Headless Commerce.

Key findings

Broadleaf Commerce is a technology that offers a valuable and up-to-date open-source solution for ecommerce businesses. Developed by a dedicated community of developers, it utilizes Java programming and microservices architecture. The platform’s Headless Commerce Architecture allows seamless integration with various applications, making it easy for businesses to interact with customers from multiple sources, including social media and mobile apps.

For business users, Broadleaf Commerce offers a user-friendly administrative panel for easy website management and configuration of ecommerce offers. The technology’s constant updates and utilization of popular components ensure it remains secure and adaptable to changing business requirements.

Major clients, such as Major League Baseball and Dubai Store, have successfully implemented Broadleaf Commerce to handle high-volume transactions and subscriptions. The platform offers flexible pricing based on individual client needs and is supported by reputable partners like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, PayPal, and Google Cloud.

With its robust technology and positive evaluations from research firms like Gartner, Broadleaf Commerce has gained popularity in the digital commerce market. The active developer community, comprehensive documentation, and training options make it an attractive choice for businesses seeking a reliable and feature-rich ecommerce solution.

Detailed Tech Radar Report

Tech Radar Technology Scan Check List: Broadleaf Commerce

Broadleaf Commerce Reviews: Pricing & Software Features 2023 | B2Saas

Date: 15.02.2023

A. Why it’s worth it
Broadleaf Commerce is continuously updated and developed technology by a community of developers. It operates on an open-source license and is built on microservices using Java programming language. Our company employs experienced specialists proficient in Java, and we have successfully executed a project for a well-known company, Gaspol, using this technology. This experience and existing solutions enable us to effectively deliver business solutions to new clients.

Technology Homepage:

Client’s Website built on Broadleaf Commerce:

Broadleaf Commerce employs Headless Commerce Architecture, separating the backend and frontend. This allows the Headless API to interact with various other applications, such as customers purchasing from Instagram, Messenger, mobile applications and different social media platforms with ecommerce capabilities. This architecture also simplifies business analysis, enabling clients to monitor which sources customers prefer for purchases and adapt their business strategies accordingly.

B. Value for the business user
The user-friendly administrative panel makes it easy to make changes to the website and configure ecommerce offers. The administrator panel has an aesthetically pleasing design and is not overloaded with too many options on one page. Software updates are straightforward, saving time and providing more advantageous experience for the client. Broadleaf Commerce utilizes popular components, making it easier and faster to develop the client’s application according to new requirements. Constant updates from the community ensure its vulnerability and security perspectives are well-managed and welcomed.

C. Major platform users in Poland and Globally/Popularity
Execon provides services to the renowned company Gaspol using Broadleaf Commerce technology. This client is satisfied with our solutions and continues the partnership on favorable terms. Also key Polish telco operator runs it’s online store on Broadleaf.

Some of the clients include Major League Baseball, the primary American baseball league, and Dubai Store, an ecommerce site promoting businesses and products from Dubai.

D. Customer stories

Major League Baseball (MLB) Customer Story
Challenges presented by MLB:
– Handling thousands of competing service agents.
– Processing tens of thousands of permissions granted per minute.
– Managing hundreds of thousands of daily subscriptions.

Proposed solutions:
– Broadleaf Headless Commerce Solution.
– Subscription and permission-granting service.
– PIM, Cart, and Checkout functionalities (PIM – Product Information Management).
– Deployment on Google Cloud for scalability.

Impact on MLB’s business:
– 650,000 subscription renewals in a single day.
– Processing 56,000 permissions per minute.
– Running 1000 agents in the back office simultaneously.

E. Pricing
Pricing is not provided on the website and depends on the individual needs of the client. Costs vary based on the number of purchased add-ons and support services.

F. Support/Partners

Execon is more than happy to deliver a Broadleaf installation.

Other Solution Partners:

Technical partners include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, PayPal, and Google Cloud, among others. Grid Dynamics is one of the partners, providing comprehensive solutions, optimizing business processes, and enhancing customer service for global companies like Google, Apple, Visa, Tesla, and PayPal.

G. Technology & Architecture

Broadleaf supports four popular programming languages: Vue.js, Thymeleaf, Angular, and React.

The entire solution is written in Java, using Spring Boot and microservices architecture.

Broadleaf supports PostgresSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and Oracle.

DevOps and Administration:
Solr, GCP Pub/Sub, Kafka, Kubernetes, Docker, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Kinesis.

Headless Commerce Architecture

H. Plugins/Modules/Extensions/Ready Integrations
Paid modules and services include:
– Cloud-based deployment using PaaS and cloud administration.
– Headless API with extensions using Java, Spring Boot, and React.
– Docker and Kubernetes for scalability management.
– Dedicated deployment infrastructure using Jenkins CI/CD with DevOps support.
– 24/7 security monitoring and support.
– Application audits.

I. License & Maturity/Technology Version
Current version: 6.2.5-GA as of February 2023.

GitHub repository:

Maven repository:

The primary license is based on Fair Use License 1.0 as an open-source version.

Commercial licenses apply if the client wishes to purchase enhancements or subscribe to support from Broadleaf or authorized partners.

J. Forrester Wave & Gartner
Broadleaf Commerce holds a rating of 4.1/5 on Gartner’s website, indicating a very favorable evaluation.

Forrester offers a vendor landscape report on Digital Experience Platforms, which includes Broadleaf Commerce.

K. Community
The community is active on GitHub and the blog on the official Broadleaf website.

L. Training & Certifications
Tutorials and documentation are available on the official website. A demo version is also accessible to familiarize oneself with the technology.

Contact publisher:

M. Useful Links
PIM Information: (Polish Website)

MLB Customer Story:

Broadleaf Commerce Demo API:

Wrap up

In conclusion, Broadleaf Commerce emerges as a powerful and flexible ecommerce platform with a thriving developer community. Its adoption by well-known clients, along with positive user reviews and high ratings from research firms like Gartner, signifies its relevance and impact in the digital commerce landscape. Businesses seeking a reliable and feature-rich ecommerce solution should consider Broadleaf Commerce for their needs.

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